The ultimate treatment concept


One lounger – multiple functions – great profits!


Enjoy a fresh sense of deep relaxation

4 senses lounger

Total relaxation in the innovative "design-pool"

infinity pool

The most gratifying way to pamper your feet.

Foot Reflexology Bath

The most indulgent steam bath experience

lifestyle steam bath

Perfect timber construction

sauna alpine balance

Inviion® leads the market in creating spa equipment which delivers the highest levels of profitability for the operator.

The guest will enjoy a unique, therapeutic experience which promotes good health and a lasting sense of well-being.

Creating the difference stands for:

  • Competitive advantage through innovation
  • Creation of additional benefits
  • Ability to stand out from the competition
  • Capability to inspire people with our creativity

Inviion® develops, plans, manufactures and supplies innovative spa equipment and spa solutions of the highest technical standards.

Value in relationships. Internationally successful. Setting trends.

Always on top is the motto of our entire team. It reflects belief in our high quality products.