Types & Styles:

3D view:

Ground plans:

Advantages for operator and guest:

Advantages for the operator:

  • Easy to assure your guests of the beneficial effects (improves respiratory health and is good for the skin)
  • A wide variety of different designs assures easy integration into any spa concept.
  • State-of-the-art technologies guarantee energy-efficient operation.

Advantages for the guest:

  • The room temperature is also suitable for people with weaker circulation.
  • The high salt content enhances the action of the steam and is highly beneficial for the health of the entire respiratory system.
  • The salt-enriched steam has a very soothing and caring effect on the largest organ of the human body, the skin.

Optional equipment:

  • Emergency call button
  • Cabin spotlight
  • Cleaning spotlight
  • Cabin light (coloured light)
  • Indirect lighting underneath the bench/seat (LED)
  • Glass door knob
  • Loudspeaker
  • Cabin spotlight (changes colour selection)
  • Cabin spotlight (LED / changes colour)
  • Automatic fragrance dosing station
  • Starry sky effect with changing colours
  • Kneipp hose
  • Steam emission device with glass basin and fountain
  • Decorative steam emission device pyramid
  • Decorative steam emission device crystal ball
  • Decorative steam emission device with a fountain in the centre
  • Automatic salt water dosing station
  • Carbon heating (provided there is no onsite heating)
  • Ventilating system


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