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The research department of Inviion® is constantly looking for new ways to develop innovative spa products using new materials and state-of-the-art technology. We work to constantly improve the functionality and application. It is essential for us to combine our efforts with universities, engineers, physicians and therapists, as well as specialists in the fields of light and water. Only in this way will we succeed in creating innovations that feature additional benefits.

Material & Design:
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We follow two core objectives by using innovative material and modern design: We are able to offer unique experiences to the spa guests. We believe it is an absolute necessity to look for new materials and combinations in order to improve hygienic conditions, energy efficiency and the long-life cycle of our spa products, such as steam baths, saunas, relaxation beds, treatment beds and treatment pools. With the use and combination of certain materials we achieve greater thermal insulation and consequently a significant reduction in energy loss. This is especially true for the steam bath, herbal steam bath, salt steam bath and the sauna. With our research for innovative materials we also aim to reduce the weight of the spa products, which is an essential factor for the development of spas on ships.

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The quality of the spa equipment and its profitability are preconditions for the economic operation of a spa.
 Inviion® conducts continuous and intensive research for simple, modular systems and spa equipment (e.g. sauna, steam bath, herbal steam bath and salt steam bath), that use sustainable systems of energy and sanitation. Our research results will only be used after a detailed analysis. Thanks to our innovative energy concepts, spas may be operated in an economic and efficient way, which also has / or / also having a positive effect on our ecosystem.

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From our experience, along with looking at society`s change in values and the emergence of different lifestyles. We consider it our mission to create innovative spa equipment in order to satisfy the needs of the individual and to create a valuable experience of well-being through special and innovative treatments.

Modern spa treatments and services have to be beneficial to the guest, as well as to the therapist and masseur. As a result Inviion® attaches particular importance to the functionality of all spa products and services.

Sophisticated spa products (e.g. a multifunctional treatment bed or a special relax treatment pool) enable therapists and masseurs to offer various treatments or a combination of treatments with the use of one single spa product.