Herbal Sauna

Enjoy the soothing effects of the herbal sauna. The sequence of heat followed by a cold shower not only simulates the circulation, it also strengthens the immune system and builds defence against infection.
The temperature contrast has positive effects in the treatment of varicose veins. The heat intensifies blood flow in the skin and this can alleviate the symptoms of many skin conditions. There is also a relaxing effect on the musculature, and the healing process is encouraged for muscle or tendon strains. Fresh herbal scents not only have positive effects on well-being, they are also beneficial and relaxing for the respiratory system.

  • Flower Power Balance

  • Flower Power Elegance

  • Flower Power Rustic

  • Provence Balance

  • Provence Elegance

  • Provence Rustic

  • Rose Balance

  • Rose Elegance

  • Rose Rustic

Bio Sauna

The bio sauna operates at a temperature of approx. 60 to 65°C, with a humidity level of 55%. This combination of heat and moisture has a caring and beneficial effect on hair, skin and respiratory system.
A special heating system allows for herbs to be added to the evaporation bowl, filling the sauna cabin with natural herbal scents. Essential oils may also be used.

Finnish sauna

The classic sauna design, offering multiple health benefits of the Finnish sauna (temperature between 80 and 100 °C). Heat followed by a cold shower stimulates circulation and strenghtens the immune system. The Finnish sauna has positive effects on metabolism, respiratory system, and the skin; it relaxes the muscular system and encourages healing processes in muscles and tendons.

  • Eco Balance

  • Eco Elegance

  • Lifestyle Balance

  • Alpine Balance

  • Alpine Elegance

  • Stripe Line Vulcano

  • Stripe Line Nero

  • Stripe Line Terra

  • Frame Line Spring

  • Frame Line Desert

  • Frame Line Nero

  • Ergo

Salt Stone Sauna

The salt stone sauna, clad with genuine salt stone from the Himalaya mountains, operates at a temperature of 65 to 70°C, with a relatively low level of humidity. The cabin air is ionized and saturated with salt compounds. This can provide relief for a wide range of conditions. The high salt content of the air has beneficial effects, particularly for the respiratory system and skin.
The energetic effects of the Himalaya salt stone promote a positive mental attitude and help to alleviate anxiety, depression and melancholy. The salt has a revitalising effect, inspiring us to refocus our energies and achieve our goals.
The bright walls bathe the room in a salmon pink hue. This colour promotes calm and tranquillity, clarifies our reasoning process, and makes us more receptive to the moods of other people.

  • Salt Stone Balance

  • Salt Stone Elegance

  • Salt Stone Rustic


Heat is not just heat, and a sauna is not just a sauna. INVIION® appreciates the importance of using only the best materials and the most modern techniques and designs. This creates the desired atmosphere, and at the same time maximises economic benefits for the operator.

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