the most economic approach to purification and relaxation

The Aquaveda therapy bed (AQUA + AyurVEDA) represents the highlight among your spa equipment, allowing your guests to indulge in the unique experience of well-being. The Inviion Aquaveda therapy bed finally shows that not every single treatment has to be carried out in a different room, and that the spa operator does not need to constantly invest in additional special spa equipment.
when it comes to top-quality spa equipment, the Aquaveda therapy bed is distinct, due to its multifunctional range of applications

The multifunctional Aquaveda therapy bed inspires guests, therapists and operators alike.
One spa treatment bed can be used for a great number of spa treatments, which results in a significantly higher utilisation capacity.
The Aquaveda therapy bed may be used for oil massages and other oil treatments, soap brush massages, traditional massages, Vichy showers, as well as hot stone treatments, special wet packs and body peelings.