a treatment bed that appears to breathe

In order to achieve a state of deep relaxation, we use a special medical device to stimulate the guest`s respiratory rhythm. During the treatment the air-filled relaxation bed sways gently, allowing the guest to reduce his respiratory rhythm. This holistic concept guarantees a sensation of perfect relaxation and vitality.
see – hear – feel - smell

Holistic Cocooning, is the concept of a holistic treatment stimulating the four senses. It has been influenced by scientific medicine, TCM and our expertise in spa treatments. The concept of Holistic Cocooning is based on the Teaching of the Four Temperaments. Depending on his or her individuality and the respective situation, each person is a mixture of these temperaments. A test of forty questions will determine the guest`s current emotional condition, which provides the basis for their personal treatment ceremony. This individual treatment includes a personal colour and aroma therapy, an especially composed concept of lights and sounds based on TCM, along with a healthy wet pack treatment.