water is the source of life.

Stay healthy by using water. We are instinctively drawn to the element water. It is difficult to think of a more pleasant way to support one`s health than by spending time in the water. Inviion® invites guests to discover the soothing and relaxing effects of the element. water. We are happy when our spa products contribute to a unique and memorable experience for the guest.

Infinity Pool:

Experience unlimited relaxation. The special ergonomics and gentle water current allows you to float on Cloud 9.

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Foot reflexology bath:

The most comfortable way to help your feet.

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Experience showers:

Fine sprays, massage jets, rain storms, fragrances, and light and sound effects turn our shower into an experience.

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Ice fountain:

A wonderfully tingly way to revitalise after a period in a heat cabin.

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Healing Liquid Pool

The Healing Liquid Pool is no ordinary whirlpool. 

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Viitality Shower

The Viitality Shower provides five multi-faceted shower experience programs.

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