this innovatively designed pool guarantees absolute relaxation

You are tired, exhausted or tense. Close your eyes, feel how the warm water release the tension from your muscles. The ergonomic design makes it easy to relax and unwind. Agreeable scents and lights encourage positive emotions, unobtrusive background music, plays quietly in the background. It is just wonderful, lie back relax and enjoy the experience. This scenario is not wishful thinking, it is how many guests and clients describe the effect of the Infinity Solo Pool by InviionĀ®. They consider it the perfect form of relaxation.
effective vitalization stimulated by water

Our modern society has a growing concern for health care and preventative health care, treatment pools are becoming an important form of relaxation. The Infinity Solo Pool by InviionĀ® is one of the most trendsetting and innovative example of its kind. It has a vitalizing effect, not only on the body and mind of the user, but also on the financial situation of its owner.