Pure refreshment

The revitalisation wonder "Ice"

The ice flakes not only create a sensational visual experience, they are also used for this delightfully invigorating treatment. Ice is gently rubbed onto the skin after a visit to the hot sauna cabin, which refreshes and revitalises the skin.

The tingling feeling of ice flakes gently rubbing against the skin stimulates circulation and strengthens the immune system. In addition, the pores are closed instantly, tightening the skin. Blood vessels are stimulated – dilating (with the heat of the sauna) and contracting (with the ice cold) – promoting their efficient function and helping to prevent future related health problems.

Advantages of the Inviion ice fountains:

  • Energy-saving, laser-guided technology
  • User-friendly, individualised designs
  • Highest hygiene standards

Special Highlights:

  • The gentle rubbing action of the ice flakes exfoliates the skin.
  • The sauna experience is greatly enhanced.
  • The release of scented infusions is more effective, since ice melting on the sauna heating unit evaporates much slower than usual.
  • Sophisticated sensor technology ensures that there is always the optimal amount of ice in the ice fountain.
  • The refreshing ice fountain experience can be enjoyed as often as desired.
  • Intensity control with automatic cut-off.