Experience water in all its forms

The shower: function and experience

The shower is essential to the smooth operation of the spa and is therefore one of the most important functional units. In addition to promoting good hygiene, it is also a fitting complement to heat treatments. The temperature contrast between heat and cold not only strengthens the immune system, it also strengthens the veins and so helps to prevent varicose veins. 

The sensory shower offers a wide range of features, which makes showering an experience in itself. These sensory experiences can include mist spray settings, lighting and sound effects, zonal massage jets, thunderstorm and tropical rain functions, scented infusions and many more.

Advantages of the sensory shower:

  • Promotes more than good hygiene
  • Important complement to heat treatments
  • A sensual shower experience

Special highlights turn the shower into an experience

  • Tropical rain with Maracuja (passion fruit) scents with orange and red light therapy.
  • Mist sprays with cooling mint scent and bright blue light therapy.
  • Thunderstorm rain, cool and refreshing.
  • Lateral water jets massage the entire body promoting vitality.
  • Kneipp hoses – the revitalising health and wellness experience.
  • Temperature contrast showers – revitalising temperature changes from bottom to top – using lateral water jets and shower heads.
  • Lateral mist jets – the body is enveloped from all sides by a thin mist of water
  • Waterfall shower, the cold sensation of water – ideal after a visit to the sauna
  • Bucket shower – a real eye catcher – with a full bucket of water
  • Stinging shower, strong jets of water with adjustable temperature settings (experience the tingling sensation of water)