thalasso steam bath

The Thalasso Steam Bath by INVIION® is very popular among guests and operators, thanks to the healing and caring effects of the salt. The high salt content of the steam has beneficial effects on the health of the lungs and bronchial tubes. The Thalasso Steam Bath represents an excellent addition to your spa. The pleasant sensation of inhaling aromatic, salt enriched steam offers very clear health benefits.

  • Himalayan Salt

  • Wave

  • Thalasso

gemstone steam bath

The installation of a Gemstone Steam Bath by INVIION® is a very effective way of giving your spa that certain extra something. Gemstones not only have a wide range of positive effects on health and wellbeing, they are also very pleasing to the eye. Almost every civilization in the ancient world trusted in the healing properties of gemstones, and used their powers to treat various diseases and disorders.

  • Amethyst

  • Mountain Crystal

  • Rose Crystal

oriental steam bath

The best way to escape from everyday life is by immersing yourself in a new and exciting world. The Oriental Steam Bath by INVIION® offers a very special way to get away from it all. Skilful and authentic interpretation of original oriental designs means that this special type of steam bath will be a seamless addition to any spa. Guests will soon appreciate the significance of the spa tradition in Oriental culture.

  • Oriental Spirit

  • Moorish Dreams

  • Marrakech

  • 1001 Nights

  • Floral Cairo

blossom scented steam bath

The beneficial effect of flowers on the human body has long been known and was used successfully in Bach’s Flower Therapy. The Blossom Scented Steam Bath by INVIION® uses essential fl oral essences. These are gently introduced to the steam to give a mild and aromatic inhalation. Radiant heat, used since the baths of ancient Rome to promote health and well-being, works together with the steam to produce a perfect, soothing bathing experience.

  • Red Queen

  • Orchid

  • Flower Power

herbal steam bath

Herbal Steam Baths are traditionally among the most popular steam baths. The positive effects of the Herbal Steam Bath by INVIION® are simple for your guests to understand and easy to experience. Soothing fragrances are used offering various positive health benefits depending on the particular herb used. The installation of a beautifully created Herbal Steam Bath will contribute enormously to the success of your spa.

  • Salvia

  • Lavendula

  • Chamomilla

lifestyle steam bath

The traditional ideals of steam bath design, using classical motifs influenced by the baths of ancient Rome, do have their place in certain spas, but steam bath design also moves with the times. As the steam bath is one of the most popular spa units, its design has a significant influence on the reaction of the guests – it should stimulate their senses. The Lifestyle Steam Bath by INVIION® offers a wide selection of design options that will surprise and delight your guests, particularly the young, and young at heart.

  • Black & White

  • Glamour of the 50s

  • Crystal Dreams in White

  • Crystal Dreams in Black

my spa heaven

„My Spa Heaven“ combines unique forms of relaxation and wellness. This ingenious concept has been introduced to hotel suites, beauty and spa facilities, and also to private bathrooms.
The cabin for two people is equipped with a fully intergrated experience shower. Relaxing warmth and beneficial steam is an alluring combination which has a positive influence on your health and promotes a deep state of relaxation.

Rose steam bath

Inviion has launched the “Rose”, a new blossom scented steam and care bath with a particularly airy and light design. For a truly stylish and health-enhancing bathing experience. The beneficial effect of flowers on the human body and mind has long been known, not least owing to Edward Bach and his Bach flower remedies.

The blossom scented steam bath by INViiON uses essential floral essences, which are gently induced to the steam to give a mild and aromatic inhalation. The “Rose” can also be used as a serial bath.

  • Harmony 240c

  • Living 260s

  • Smart 2

  • Vitality 4s

  • Smart 2 Rose Mosaic

  • Smart 2 Black Rose

The “Rose” comes in various cabin layouts and sizes and features charming design elements like rose displays or printed glass surfaces, and a bright red fountain basin as an eyecatcher.


We want to make it easy for people to stay healthy. As a result we produce state-of-the-art steam baths featuring innovative designs. When we develop our steam baths, we not only concentrate on the things the guests will immediately notice, but also on the usually invisible: Hygiene.

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