relaxation of the muscles

There are three different 15 minute programmes to choose from: Stimulating, vitalising and relaxing. Each programme has a different massage intensity and combination of scents and visual effects.  The relaxation of the muscles is achieved by:
  • An ergonomic sitting position, due to the Specially designed bath
  • A warm and inviting water temperature
we give top priority to hygiene

Body fats and dead skin cells (including bacteria) are dissolved in the water and washed away via the unique low-lying spillway. This creates an outstanding sensation of cleanness. Each bathing session is automatically followed by a disinfection procedure – an extensive disinfection is carried out automatically once a day.
  • Fully automatic disinfection follows each session
  • Extensive disinfection – once a day. Fully automatic, even outside spa operating hours

mental relaxation

Agreeable scents, soothing visual effects and unobtrusive background sounds make it easy to relax and unwind.
  • Phototherapy programme with energy-saving LED spots
  • Infinity water edge
economic operation

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the temperature of the water is thermostatically controlled, there is no need for an expensive auxiliary heating system.