Emphasis on hygiene

The Healing Liquid Pool is no ordinary whirlpool. The waves and vibrations in the water are generated entirely by sound waves. This avoids the need to use a system of pipes and nozzles to generate the whirlpool effect, areas which can be prone to bacterial growth.

The guest can relax in clean, sterile fresh water and enjoy the full benefits of the healing liquids without the presence of disinfectants or chlorine.

An additional benefit is the efficient removal of waste products. Oil and fat particles secreted by the skin during bathing, bodily hair and other waste items are removed via the inbuilt circulatory system directly into the underfloor drainage system where they are rinsed away.

Healing Liquid Pool therapies:

healing liquid therapy
sound wave therapy

Healing liquids are natural ingredients which have very specific healing and caring effects.
These ingredients have been tested and developed over many years by doctors and therapists and are used in the Healing Liquid Pool. The healing liquids are carefully selected to ensure excellent therapeutic outcomes, and can be tailored to the specific needs of an individual guest.

Mare’s milk liquid:

Mare’s milk is widely known to be one of the most effective and beneficial additives to care for and regenerate human skin. Until now, it was very difficult to introduce this natural healing essence to the whirlpool, since milk particles infiltrated the whirlpool’s internal systems, leading to undesirable side effects.

Herbal liquids:

A range of herbal liquids has been developed by specialists with many years of experience, using a variety of complementary natural herbal extracts. For centuries, the healing powers of herbs has been well known, used by the likes of Hildegard of Bingen and Maria Treben, and we have drawn on this knowledge to create and perfect our herbal liquids.
Only by using precise quantities of these natural extracts to create a delicate balance of active ingredients can the desired effects be achieved. Even minor divergence from the ideal combination of herbs can inhibit their effective action.

The following herbal liquids are used:

  • Roman camomile
  • Provencal lavender
  • Alpine marigold
  • Alpine elderflower
  • Mountain pine extract
  • Mediterranean sage
  • Alpine Valerian extract
  • and many more natural essences

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healing liquids:

Ancient knowledge using experience built over thousands of years has been used to develop our specialised TCM healing liquids. The herbs and extracts used in Chinese medicine are very well known and celebrated for their effectiveness. Due to their enormous popularity, many cheap and inferior imitations are available on the market. We carefully select and use only TCM extracts of the highest quality, which have been subject to strict quality control testing. Our customers can be confident of the superiority and complete safety of our products.

Mineral liquids:

The healing powers of rock salt from the Himalaya mountains have long been recognised and are widely utilised. Similarly, the positive effects of magnesium are undisputed – this vital mineral is beneficial for skin, hair and a variety of vital functions in the human body.
In addition, the “Healing Liquids” program also uses trace elements like zinc, iron and other essential minerals in carefully measured quantities.
Stone oil, a mineral oil from Tirol, has been appreciated for centuries for its therapeutic qualities and is specifically used as an anti-inflammatory and treatment for rheumatism.

Heliotherapy (light therapy) is another central element of the Healing Liquid Pools philosophy. Heliotherapy programmes can be offered which are specifically tailored to individual guests.

These programs are extremely effective - they revitalise, promote deep relaxation, counteract symptoms of ‘Burnout’, are useful in treating skin problems and have strong anti-depressant effects. In addition, the therapist can use special programmes which are personalised for each guest.

The proven success of colour therapy can also be used to full effect in the Healing Liquid Pool, providing a treatment which has lasting health benefits for the guest.

The use of Sound Wave Therapy in the Healing Liquid Pool is a worldwide first. Experts in the field of sound wave technology and sound designers have been working in close partnership with medical experts and therapists to develop a system of sound wave therapy that is unique. Custom tuned sound waves are targeted on membranes within the body, causing them to gently vibrate.

Depending on the intensity, frequency and orientation of the sound waves, different parts of the body are stimulated. The sound waves have beneficial effects, stimulating circulation and the process of detoxification. In addition, the waves have a calming effect and promote a state of deep relaxation.

A very specific sound wave program can be used which simulates vibrations experienced in the womb to achieve total relaxation. The sound waves used in the Healing Liquid pool are quite unique and have many other positive effects – they revive, refresh and promote improved vitality.

Successful treatment outcomes include:

  • Prevents and reduces cellulite
  • Many guests notice significant weight loss with regular use
  • Improves circulation and detoxification enhancing the vitality of the  body as a whole
  • Stimulates various organs within the body and encourages their  effective function
  • Beneficial for mental and spiritual well-being
  • Anti-depressant effects
  • Extremely effective in preventing ‘Burnout’ syndrome. Intensive  therapies can be used to alleviate symptoms and support recovery