advantages for the operator:

  • The foot reflexology bath may either be used as a single treatment or in combination with a ceremonial spa treatment. This guarantees high capacity utilisation.
  • Due to the effect of preventative health care and vitalisation the treatment will gain added revenue for the operator.
  • The foot reflexology bath can also be installed in small areas, which are unable to be used for other spa equipment (e.g. niches, aisles).
  • Plug & Play installation, preconditions: power supply, water inlet, and drain pipe – no tiling necessary.
  • The new foot reflexology bath can easily be installed in existing spa areas/rooms.
  • Foot reflexology baths represent spa equipment that is both popular and easy to use.
  • The foot reflexology basin is a promotionally effective eye-catching and current design object. We offer a wide selection of colours.

advantages for the guest:

  • The reflexology treatment has a harmonising, balancing and strengthening effect on the following parts of the body: Small intestine, stomach, pancreas, liver, heart, midriff.
  • A variety of skin caring essential oils guarantee a perfect vitalisation to the guest’s feet.
  • The energy-saving LCD colour programme is integrated into the bath, creating a unique ambiance.
  • Outstanding hygienic conditions
  • Ultimate comfort through ergonomic design