oil treatments

Oil massages
Essential oils are used for Indian oil massages
Ayurvedic oil treatments
Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment, where oil is poured onto the forehead from a special pot. This has a stimulating effect on the Third Eye, which is said to be the body`s energy centre.
Traditional oil massages
The innovative and ergonomic design of the Aquaveda therapy bed turns the treatment into an agreeable experience for both guest and therapist.

Soap brush massages
The soap brush massage is a delightful experience, offering a number of positive effects to your skin.
Vichy shower
The whole body is stimulated by fine water jets. This is a special massage experience which has a stimulating effect on certain energy centres.

special treatments

Hot stone treatment
Depending on the indication, heated volcanic rocks are put on certain energy lines (meridians) encouraging the body to heal.

Wet pack treatments
Wet wraps treatments provide the body with active-ingredients which are selected according to the respective needs, having a healthy effect on the body.
Body peelings
The body is rubbed with special granular active-ingredients. This treatment activates the blood circulation and helps to remove dead skin cells.