Privacy through individual seats

The newly developed individual seats feature gently heated surfaces and are extremely comfortable. Spacious legroom protects the privacy of the guest. This improved personal space ensures that inadvertent contact between guests is avoided. Transmission of perspiration, and therefore bacteria, is prevented.

Easy to clean drainage system

The individual seats are equipped with an innovative and simple to clean outlet system. This allows easy and hygienic removal of perspiration, condensation, mud and other treatment substances. All surfaces are extremely durable, resistant to bacteria and easy to clean. The joints are sealed with top-quality epoxy resin which is resistant to the effects of acids, alkalis and steam.

Removal of discharged air

Through optimal use of the INVIION® steam bath ventilation system, perspiration and other secretions from the detoxifi cation process are immediately removed from the cabin. This ensures that the health and comfort of other guests is not compromised.

Ergonomic shaped seats

All seats and benches feature surfaces carefully designed to provide the highest levels of hygiene and comfort. Materials are used that are pleasant and skinfriendly. The seats are ergonomically shaped to promote optimal user comfort. INVIION® steam baths guarantee total relaxation and a wellness experience that is without equal.

Constant fresh aeration

INVIION® steam baths use state-of-the-art technology to utilise the beneficial effects of fresh air. Conventional steam baths use only hot water vapour to generate heat and steam. INVIION® uses an innovative technical solution to introduce a high percentage of fresh air into the steam mixture. This creates an ideal climate within the cabin. In addition, the danger of scalding is decreased since the steam is cooled gently by the fresh air. This technique means that INVIION® steam baths can create the perfect aromatherapy environment.

Vitalising kneippism

With the addition of the optional integrated Kneipp hose, guests can enjoy a very healthy, revitalising Kneipp rinse during their time in the cabin. The Kneipp hose can also be used to clean the seats before use. Here the advantages of individual seating are again very clear. Guests who are already sitting in the steam bath will not be disturbed by the rinsing of adjacent seats.

An INVIION® steam bath is designed and constructed for intensive and continuous operation. All materials used are carefully selected and of the highest quality, eg Connections made of high-grade stainless steel, door frames made of powder coated aluminiu

Resistent materials

Our roof constructions use materials that are also applied in yacht building. The glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material is resistant to the effects of salt water, steam and bacteria, and is easy to clean. Moreover, it largely prevents the formation of droplets on the ceiling and avoids humidity permeating the ceiling construction.

Special thermal composite material

INVIION® uses a special thermal composite material that is extremely durable. It is resistant to the effects of water and steam, essential oils, scents and detergents. Many products on the market do not have these resistant qualities. INVIION® is unsurpassed in its technical construction methods. The consistency and strength of this material also offers safety and durability. While many manufacturers use tiles that have a density of only 25 to 40 kilograms per cubic metre, INVIION® thermal construction material has a density of more than 90 kilograms per cubic metre – and is thus far stronger.

Use of radiant heat

Our heating technology is already one of the most innovative and energy-efficient systems in the worldwide market, but with the use of radiant heat, energy costs can be further reduced. Most of the thermal energy is contained within the surface materials. Thus, heat will not escape through the ventilation system or dissipate every time the door is opened.

Energy-saving techniques

INVIION® steam baths feature state of the art technology using the best energy-saving components - including the steam generator itself.
In addition, the use of glass-fibre lighting technology and low-voltage light fittings offer sustainable reduction of energy costs.

High quality insulation system

Our insulation system is one of the highest-quality systems available on the international market. It has an heat transfer coeffi cient of 0.0245 kW compared to 0.34 kW in competitor products. This means the heat transfer coefficient of our system is more than 10 times better than that of our competitors.

Innovative production process

INVIION® steam baths are unsurpassed in terms of durability, comfort, energy-efficiency, and of course design. Despite the supreme quality, our product prices are absolutely competitive. We have achieved this aim by using only the most progressive, innovative production techniques.
Our international success and the resulting high sales volume gives us buying power, the benefi ts of which we are happy to pass on to our customers.

Modular construction method

In addition, INVIION® utilizes the modular construction system. All components can be prefabricated to a large extent in our modern factory, where they are subject to strict quality controls that ensure conformity to the highest EU standards. This prefabrication method means we can achieve shorter assembly times, higher build quality and faster onsite construction.

Service is our top priority. Our professionally trained service engineers offer a global service network to our customers. Consequently we can guarantee appropriate and competent repair of your INVIION® product.

Professional service

In the event of a malfunction – whether this is caused by improper use or damage by a third party – operation will be restored in a timely manner.

Our service team will also assist with maintenance and replacement of worn parts, or with the installation of technical updates should they become available.