premium quality spruce timber from the highest mountain ranges

The densities of the annual growth rings are the key to the durability and resilience of this wood. This ensures much greater heat retention which in turn saves energy.
radiant heat is better for your health

INVIION® saunas are equipped with special radiant heating elements, which promote health and wellbeing, improve safety are durable, easy to clean and save energy.

the safety-glass panelled door

The door of a sauna is the most utilised moving part in the entire sauna unit and must be a high quality product.
the energy saving sauna heating system

The efficient performance of an INVIION® sauna heating unit is a significant contributor in saving energy. With heating power of 9kW, using a dual-circuit heating system.

wellbeing atmosphere – aromatherapy and atmospheric lighting

Our aromatherapy technology promotes health and wellbeing, there are no safety risks as the natural aromas are introduced via the air system within the sauna cabin. The lighting in a sauna should convey an atmosphere of calm relaxation. Whilst also being durable and energy-efficient.
the energy-saving system (optional)

Due to client demand, we have developed an ‘Energy-Saving System’, which is made up of several distinct components working together in an integrated function: the system has a special steam resistant barrier and highly efficient heat exchange system.