sound concept based on TCM
The 25-minute sound concept is based on the knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine stimulating the element water and activating Chi, the energy of life.

Stimulation of the meridians
The sound concept features membranes, positioned in a way that allows the stimulation of those meridians that activate Chi, the energy of life.


light therapy and change of colours 
The illuminated reclining area is equipped with an RGB light changing device, which is based on the concept of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The colours are perceptible even with closed eyes. TCM – water: According to TCM, blue and green are the colours that correspond to the element water. This programme is a perfect combination of green and blue lights, sounds and scents as well as soft vibrations which are all connected to the element water. TCM elements: The user may opt for a colour composition that includes the entire spectrum of colour combined with a relaxing sound.

The holistic experience is intensified by the emission of subtle fragrances working in perfect harmony with both light and sound.