My Spa Heaven

10 beneficial experiences in one:


Mild temperatures, also for those people sensitive to heat 

The Roman Tepidarium is the ideal bath for strengthening the immune system. With ca. 37° it creates an artificial fever which strengthens your defences enormously. 

You should use this bath as often as possible and if you can find the time, enjoy its benefits for a minimum of one hour. In addition, optional light and aroma therapy reinforce the therapeutic effects of the application.


The ancient Roman steam bath

In the Caldarium, room temperature is between 40 -55°C. The special feature of the Caldarium is the effect of the steam which can contain, for example, herbal essences. The ideal treatment duration in the Caldarium is between 15 and 25 minutes. Length of stay can be extended through e.g. revitalising aromatic steam treatment with optional Kneipp hose. 

In addition to purification and detoxification the natural defences are strengthened. The herbal essences in the steam have a beneficial effect on skin and hair, and are ideal for the respiratory organs.


The „gentle“ perspiration bath

The Laconium is a Roman sweat and purification bath. 

This form of bathing is appropriate for people who find the Finnish sauna too hot. After 15 to 20 minutes the body begins to sweat heavily and the purificiation process begins.

infra-red bath


This very gentle low temperature infra-red technology provides an innovative warmth experience 

The cabin temperature can be set between 30° and 37°C as required, corresponding to body temperature. 

Infra-red rays generate heat on the surface of the skin encouraging blood circulation throughout the body. Through this technique, the body temperature slowly continues to climb, raising the blood circulation through the muscles and skin. After approx. 10 minutes, core body temperature rises by around 0.1°C, after thirty minutes by around 0.2°C until 0.3°C is reached. The body then begins to sweat. 

This methods of warming from within, is very compatible with the body and has a variety of positive health effects: for example, pain reduction, muscle relaxation, increased blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and promotes mental relaxation.


Through the combination of steam and infra-red a humidity level of 100% can be reached. This will stimulate blood circulation even more, caring for the skin and alleviating rheumatic complaints. In addition the mobility of the muscles and joints is stimulated and the entire body is detoxified. Particularly during cold, dry times of year, this steam bath treatment cares for the skin and airways providing important moisture.

serail bath

In antiquity the Serail bath was enjoyed by the queens of the oriental world. In this heated cabin a session will last approx. 30 minutes, with full body wrap treatments and comfortable radiant heat (38°C to max 42°C). Depending on the treatment, moist air (ca. 90% at 45°C) can be introduced. 

From detoxification and skin cleansing to tightening and regeneration, there are different body treatments with a variety of effects. The INVIION© serail bath wrap treatment will also persuade you. 

The Serail bath treatments provide a holistic sense of well-being for body, mind and soul. Even for days afterwards your skin will continue to feel velvety soft.


In addition to exercise, nutrition, medicinal herbs and an orderly life, water at different temperatures is one of the five pillars of Kneipp therapy developed by Sebastian Kneipp. 

Heat and cold are used to stimulate the blood vessels. These work against the development of varicose veins. The Kneipp water treatment has a very positive effect on your entire body and internal organs. The change in temperature from hot to cold water strengthens your immune system.

aromatherapy bath

Natural aromas and herbal essences in the aromatherapy bath care for your entire respiratory system. The nose is the most sensitive organ of perception in the human body. Our sense of smell stimulates our memory more than any other sense. Aromatherapy has a long lasting and positive influence on our mental well-being and promotes deep relaxation. Equally it is also beneficial for the skin and strengthens the roots of the hair. In addition the aromas invigorate, revitalise and disinfect the air within the cabin.

sound therapy

The sound therapy program can be introduced as a special highlight. This program is essential to complement both aromatherapy and colour therapy. Through the combination of natural aromas, coloured light and psychologically sympathetic sound, a truly unique spa and therapy experience is created. The sound therapy program improves vitality, promotes total relaxation and is very effective in preventing „burn out“ syndrome.

heliotherapy bath

Light therapy has been well-established in natural medicine for many years. This therapy is moodenhancing and antidepressant. In many cases it ensures a deep and restful sleep and stimulates production of essential vitamin D, which plays a major role in strengthening the immune system. Light therapy can have a positive effect on various health problems, e.g. Neurodermatitis.

experience shower

The integration of the shower within the cabin has three major advantages: 

  • You can refresh yourself without leaving your oasis of well being
  • Integrating the shower saves space that would otherwise be lost with an exterior shower
  • The shower also offers an additional experience and uses water saving technology